Dog Paw Cleaner Review – Is it safe for pets?

It is very essential to keep your dog clean so that they have safe health and also, they do not affect other members of the family. they enjoy rolling around in mud or playing in the garden all the time. Cleaning with expensive shampoos or soaps are very costly and time consuming. I found one best gadget for my dog and I want to share that with you. ProntoPaw is a device to clean your dog and it is available at a very affordable price.

What exactly is Dog Paw Cleaner?

Dog Paw Cleaner is an easy-to-use device that STOPS your dog from tracking dirt and mud into your home. The Paw cleaner is a dog foot washer and it’s simple to use, effectively cleans mud and dirt from paws. It doesn’t cause any kind of discomfort to your pooch.



Foot washing cup is made from gentle silicone bristles which will help remove dirt and mud from your dog’s paw cleans off mud’s and dirt, ice melt & Prevents paw irritation due to salt or other contaminants in the environment.


The gentle silicone bristles on the bottle help loosen dirt and mud from your dog’s paws. Keep the mess away from your car or home.


Components can be taken apart in seconds and soft bristle brush pad is made from durable non-stick and non-staining high-quality silicone. Washer Cup is made from strong high-grade plastic and very easy to clean and durable.


Add a little water and simply insert the muddy dirty paw inside the cup. Move cup up and down or rotate for the best results. Pat and wipe paw dry and then repeat with other paws. Keeps Mats Clean.


How to Use

Just add a little water into the Dog Paw Cleaner cup. You don’t need to add any soap or detergents.

Next, stick your pooch’s paw into the Paw Cleaner cup. The water in the cup will help to loosen any stubborn mud or dirt.

Then simply rotate the Paw Cleaner cup around your dog’s paw a few times. These Dog Paw Cleaner have gentle silicone bristles that will brush off and remove any mud or dirt on your dog’s paws.

Your dog’s paws are now clean and ready for the carpet! Simply rinse out the ProntoPaw cup with water and it’s ready to use again!

Frequently Asked Questions

What dog breeds are best for Dog Paw Cleaner?
Dog Paw Cleaner is good for all dog breeds of all sizes.
Is there a lid to hold water so Dog Paw Cleaner is ready to use on the go?
Unfortunately, there is no lid on these paw cleaner devices. Simply use any water source when you arrive or your own water bottle.
Can I add soap to the water in Dog Paw Cleaner?
Yes you can add any pet-friendly soap.
Is it really safe for my pets?
It is 100% safe for your pets. It is 100% BPA-free and made with high-grade silicone for durability and portability.

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